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Job interviews can be very stressful, especially if you are unprepared. But things can be made a lot easier, when you have some idea of the questions the interviewer is likely to ask. Each day thousands of individuals attend interviews, and more often than not, the questions asked are very similar, wherever in the world you happen to be. Knowing the questions is one thing, but knowing how to answer them is another. This article examines some of the most common job interview questions, and answers.

1. Tell me about yourself? When an interviewer asks this question, they are really looking for some specifics that would give an indication that you are suited for the job. Be sure to focus on positive traits that would recommend you as a good candidate.
2. Why did you leave your last job? A new employer is always curious about the reason you left your last job, of course there is no best answer, as it all depends on the particular circumstances. Possible answers include:
I was laid off due to a restructuring exercise, which resulted in my department being cut.
I recently upgraded my skills, so I am now looking for a job that is more suited to my qualifications.
Having been at my current job for a number of years, I am now searching for a job that will provide greater challenges, and move my career forward.
3. What was it like working with your previous supervisor? Never use this as an opportunity to speak ill of your previous boss, as this will be taken as an indication that you will probably do the same of a new supervisor. Instead, choose to highlight the positives, and downplay any negatives. A good response would be:
My supervisor was a very dedicated worker, and this made it easier for me to carry out my responsibilities.
4. What was your biggest accomplishment at your previous job? Make sure to give a specific example in answering this question. Also, try to highlight some of the skills you utilized in achieving that success, which would be pertinent to your new job.
5. Tell us what you know about our company? It is always recommended that you do some research about the company you are hoping to work with. This will indicate that you are very interested in getting the job.
6. How well do you work under pressure? Be positive when answering this one. A good response would be: When faced with several tasks that require my attention, I tend to prioritize them, so as to complete all tasks as quickly as possible.
7. What would you consider your best asset? This is the opportunity to highlight qualities that would make you an asset to the organization, perhaps you work well as a team member, or have the ability to motivate co-workers.
8. What would you consider your greatest weakness? Try to put a positive spin on this one. Usually the interviewer wants to be sure that you can answer difficult questions honestly, you can mention things you are not very good at, but are working to improve.
9. What salary are you expecting? This is never an easy question to respond to, so do some research beforehand that will give you an idea of the approximate salary for the position. Having done that, you would then be able to give the interviewer the salary range you expect.
10. Why would you be the right person for this job? Emphasize the assets you have, that would appeal to the interviewer, mention skills, experience, and adaptability, that are relevant to the job.
11. Do you work well as the member of a team? Always answer yes to this one, and if possible give an example of previous successes you have had as a team member, or team leader.
12. Are there any questions you wish to ask? Make sure to prepare some questions. This will impress the interviewer, and indicate that you are interested in the position, and are keen to take the initiative. This is the time to ask relevant questions based on the research you have done on the company.

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